Salado Tornado Relief



All donations go directly to the families that were affected by the April 12, 2022 tornado that ripped through Cedar Valley and the Southshore neighborhood.

Guidelines for Monetary Disbursement: 

  1. Individual/family resides in the identified disaster area.
  2. Individual/family lost primary shelter.
  3. Individual/family does not have insurance coverage for replacement of primary shelter or insufficient coverage.
  4. Individual/family is physically handicapped and in need of assistance.
  5. Individual/family suffered damage to property/outbuildings which affect livelihood.
  6. Individual/family requires financial assistance to offset housing costs while home is being rebuilt.
  7. Application must be completed and submitted with photo ID.
  8. Verification of home site damage is required.

If you are in need of assistance, please fill out the following application form and return to Salado Family Relief.